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A Message from Niccolodeon

Hi there and welcome to the PR Promotions Committee, aka Niccolodeon, Donor Drive page! We are all so excited for THON 2020, which will be from February 21st - 23rd. Just a little refresher -- THON is a no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon were 16,500 student volunteers (including us) during the weekend and year-long raise money all in pursuit of a cure. Last year, we raised over $10 million dollars, where 95 cents to every dollar goes to a child fighting against cancer and ensuring that 100% of medical bills are covered so families can focus on their child instead of their finances. Through our efforts, we want every cub have the chance to become a Nittany Lion.  

Since we are a part of PR, we get the chance to spread the wonderful message THON shares. Our committee has been together since October and we have had the chance to bond, learn, and uphold the mission and brand of THON. One of the newest and most successful PR events that we were able to take part in was the Dream Forward Campaign, where we were able to raise more than $700,000 within a few weeks. And now we are so excited to be reaching out to you!  

With your help, we can hopefully dance in celebration. As THON is fast approaching, we appreciate any donations that are made to our page or THON in general. We are proud and excited to be a part of this Journey Together.