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Hellooooo!!! We are Danielle and Sam’s Committee AKA PB and DANIELLEyyy SAMmmiches. We are a Merchandise Committee raising money for THONTHON is a year-long effort to raise money for children with cancer and support them and their families throughout their battle. Every February we have a 46-hour no-sitting, no-sleeping Dance Marathon to celebrate our survivors, and remember those that we've lost. Sine 1977, THON has raised over $157 million dollars four our Four Diamonds Families at the Penn State Children's Hospital. 

 Throughout the year we will be fundraising for THON 2020 in an effort to provide financial and emotional support for affected children and their families. Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive care for 4,000 families and funds critical research to take our fight beyond central Pennsylvania and spread hope around the world. We work year-round to ensure that they never have to face cancer alone.  

 Your contribution will fund innovative research that is will not only enhance treatment for children in Pennsylvania but will also give hope to childhood cancer patients worldwide! Together, with every student, volunteer, alumnus, donor, and supporter, we can spread awareness of THON’s mission across the country and throughout the world. With your support of THON, together, we will make a difference in the lives of children nationwide. 

 Join us in the fight, For The Kids.