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Join us in our commitment to turn childhood dreams into reality by supporting THONTM. This year we are taking action by joining THON™ Nation and uniting with 16,500 student volunteers and over 25,000 alumni supporters in the fight against childhood cancer. THON's year-long efforts culminate in a 46-hour, no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon each February to celebrate our survivors, remember those we’ve lost, and take a stand--all in hopes of one day dancing in celebration of a cure.



                                              INDEPENDENT DANCER LOTTERY FOR THON 2020

I am extremely thrilled to announce that this year my younger sister, Emilia Livi, will be entering into the lottery to be an independent dancer with her partner, Matt Parish.  Words cannot describe how ridiculously proud I am of her and Matt's commitment to THON.  

THON has been a huge part of my life and truly shaped my college experience.  During my time at Penn State I served for 3 years on a Morale / Dancer Relations committee where I made lifelong friends.  At THON 2013, I cheered on my older sister, Frankie Livi, as she danced independently FTK! The THON community has taught me humility and strength and I am so excited that its power is now part of Emilia's life as well. 

Emilia and Matt have shown extreme dedication to THON throughout their time at Penn State. Emilia has been involved as an Operations and Rules and Regulations Committee Member, a FOTO Special Interest Organization Member, and has done additional fundraising through her sorority ESA.  Not only has Matt been Emilia's number one support system, but he has also participated in THON fundraising through his fraternity DTD and as a Smeal College of Business Student Mentor.  And now, as they both enter into their senior year at Penn State, they have decided to support each other as independent dancers in THON 2020. 

Being a dancer takes unbelievable strength and selflessness, which Emilia and Matt both possess.  They are incredibly dedicated to helping and healing others.  So please join me in donating to THON on their behalf.  Not only is your donation going towards this couple achieving their philanthropic goals, but it is also going to families in need.  Since 1997, THON has raised over $168 million for Four Diamonds at Penn State Children's Hospital, providing comprehensive care for 4,000 families and funding critical research to take this fight beyond central Pennsylvania and spread hope around the world. So let's keep fighting FTK!

THON's mission is to provide both financial and emotional support for our families, ensuring that they never have to face cancer alone.

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