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Florence Dance For Kids

A personal campaign sponsored by ISI-Florence and PSU Students Studying Abroad

February 22, 2020

Support Me

The ONG Milano 25 and ISI Florence have been working together for several years now on projects aiming to sensitize American study abroad students on childhood and solidarity. Students are exposed as much as possible to the Florentine framework and its infrastructures as well as meeting with those who operate in favor of children cancer therapies and family support.

In this perspective, we devised a fundraising event, "FLORENCE DANCE FOR KIDS”. The funds collected will be donated to the ONG Milano 25 and to The Trento Proton Therapy Center where, thanks to state-of-the-art experimental treatments, young patients are offered new possibilities of treatments for cancer.

Scientific research demonstrates that proton therapy, in which protons are used instead of X-Rays, reduces the risk of problems during children growth and development and, on the other, the risk of recurrence.

With regards to supporting kids and their families facing these treatments, Milano 25 ONG plays an active role with a daily participation in the physiological and logistical help. Milano 25 ONG is working on developing a specific project dedicated to the proton therapy named PROTON SMILE.