Growing up is a beautiful thing. Let’s fight for it.

My THON Story:

Growing up in a Penn State family I have always heard of THON and the Four Diamonds but, I never truly understood what it was until I became a captain for Altoona Benefiting THON my sophomore year of college.

 I took my free time to attend events on and off campus to fundraise for THON. This itself, was rewarding knowing all the time I put in, would help a family fighting pediatric cancer. I believe that no family should have to fight alone. We raise the money for all Four Diamonds families but, there is more to it than money. Each organization is assigned a family which, you become so emotionally invested in that you eventually become apart of the family. We support them through all the doctors appointments and testing's, not knowing what the outcome will be. 

In February, I finally made it to my very first THON in the BJC were I went with no sleep and standing for almost 46 hours, to this day I have yet to do anything more rewarding than that! Hopefully, this year I can do the WHOLE 46 hours! I will never complain about the discomfort I felt that day because I know it was mild compared to what a child with cancer feels everyday. 

This experience, has made me eager to become more involved in THON so, this year I became the Fundraising Executive for Altoona Benefiting THON. My goal for THON 2022 is to; spread pediatric cancer awareness, to fundraise more than we did last year, and to hopefully dance! It is my hope that one day, every child will have the opportunity to live out their dreams.

I THON ... For The Kids 

I THON ... so every child's dreams can come true.  

I THON ... so our angels' stories live on. 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this journey with THON. It is an experience that will never amount to anything else I do. 

What can your donation do?

  • It can ensure that our THON families never have to see a medical bill.
  • It can help with costs of pediatric cancer research.
  • It can help advance new medications.


I truly appreciate any support you provide, either by making a donation or by sharing my page on social media to spread THON’s mission.