Make an impact in the life of a child today

Hey! My name is Callan Sarfert and I am so excited to be an Alumni Campaigns Captain for Donor & Alumni Relations Alumni Engagement for THON™2021! As a freshman, this is my first experience being involved as a student in THON™and I cannot wait for the year ahead. I had the amazing opportunity the past two years to partially attend THON™, so I knew right away this was something amazing I wanted to be apart of. Although this is my first year involved in THON™, I have helped raise money for Four Diamonds through my high school's Mini-THON, in which I was on the leadership team.  

Apart from how amazing and inspiring Four Diamonds is in general, a personal connection to Four Diamonds is really what inspired me to want to work hard for this organization. 

This is Sophia Marsicano. She was one of the most bubbly, energetic, spunky, and amazing little girls. Sophia was diagnosed with a very rare type of brain tumor and she unfortunately lost her battle with cancer in November of 2018. Sophia's parents are two of the bravest and most inspiring people I have ever met. Not only did cancer rob the world of Sophia, but seeing what it took away from them broke my heart. While I cannot imagine how much they endured during Sophia's fight, they constantly spoke about how Four Diamonds was there for them every step of the way. Four Diamonds not only aided them financially, but also showed them that they had a constant support system. At Sophia's celebration of life, the Marsicanos asked people for donations to Four Diamonds instead of anything for them in condolence. I think this was the moment I truly realized how much Four Diamonds impacts the families. The fact that even in these hard times and after losing their daughter, the Marsicanos wanted to give back to Four Diamonds really showed me how much this organization impacts and means to the families. This inspired me to want to work as hard as possible to help this organization still be able to provide all that it does, and so that one day losing children to cancer will be a thing of the past.

You can help me in this fight. This fight is something that is bigger than all of us, but it can feel a lot more in reach with the more help we get. Any donation of any size helps us maintain aid to the families and get closer to ending childhood cancer. Please consider donating in any way possible so that the world does not have to lose any more Sophias. 

I THON ... For The Kids.  

I THON ... so every child's dreams can come true.  

I THON ... so our angels' stories live on. 

I THON ... For Sophia.

Join us in the fight, For The Kids.

Thank you in advance,

Callan Sarfert