Amber Lucas


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Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up cancer free.

As we approach THON 2020, I am also approaching my 5 year milestone of being cancer free. In 2014 when I was told that I had cancer, I never thought that I would have experienced all the things I have since then. The past 5 years of my life have been some of the most life-changing and meaningful years, and I am incredibly blessed that I have been able to live it cancer free. Until we find a cure for cancer, I want to do everything I can so that each child has a second chance at life and have the same opportunity to experience life beautifully and cancer free, like I am gratefully able to do.

THON is so much more than the 46 hours we gather in the BJC. THON is happening everyday, everywhere. It can be seen in smiles, hugs, tears, dance moves and everything in between. As we read stories, hold fundraisers, and participate in THON, we ensure that no family or child affected by pediatric cancer feels like they are alone. THON is incredibly meaningful to me having been personally affected by pediatric cancer, and because of this, THON is something I want to support my entire life. By being involved in THON, we are celebrating, remembering, raising awareness, spreading joy, and cultivating hope that someday we can find a cure for cancer. THON is more than just an organization, but rather it’s a physical manifestation of the power of unity. After having tests and consultations done at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, I experienced first hand the incredible things THON does to support pediatric cancer patients and their families. THON is something that has touched my life personally, and now I want to give back in any way that I can. Your donation to THON will ensure that no child or family has to fight cancer alone.