Julie Byrne


Support Me

Coming to Penn State, I always knew I wanted to get involved with the incredible organization that is Penn State's 46 hour Dance Mara-THON. Seeing and supporting my siblings in their THON filled me with compassion, drive, and a love for the event

My first THON I attended was 2014 to support my sister. Upon my arrival, I was absolutely astonished with the energy and excitement buzzing in the BJC. It truly felt like a never-ending dance party. Between the line dances, the pep rally, and FTK Talent Show, I was truly hooked. Being there and seeing how not only the entire campus banded together for something bigger than themselves, but all for the kids made my heart swell.

Although I will be missing THON this year, I cannot help but think of those in my life who were affected by cancer and who inspire me to make each of life's moments count. My grandmother, my aunt, and my mother each battled and preserved through their fight and I want to make them proud by raising money for those families who are also affected by cancer.

Each dollar counts, and I truly appreciate any support you provide, either by making a donation or by sharing my page on social media to spread THON’s mission.