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Growing up is a beautiful thing. I THON for more BIRTHDAYS! Let’s fight for it.

Join us in our commitment to turn childhood dreams into reality by supporting THON. This year, I am taking action by uniting with 16,500 student volunteers and over 25,000 alumni supporters in the fight against childhood cancer. Our year-long efforts culminate in a 46-hour, no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon each February to celebrate our survivors, remember those we’ve lost, and take a stand--all in hopes of one day dancing in celebration of a cure.

When I had first applied to college my main concern was finding a college that gave back to its community. I had looked at many schools but nothing had really stood out to me. My friend was obsessed with Penn State and wanted me to come up and visit with her my junior year of high school. I didn't actually get to go to THON but coming here and seeing how all the student body was excited to make a difference for those who are less fortunate than themselves, was breathtaking to say the least. If I decided to attend Penn State that the first thing that I wanted to get involved with was THON. And that’s exactly what I did. I was also extremely interested in getting involved with THON because throughout my childhood, pediatric cancer was always a factor. 

When I was in kindergarten my best friend at the time was diagnosed with leukemia. I was a little too young to understand at the time but I started to notice that she wasn't coming to class. Luckily my friend from kindergarten won her battle and is still thriving today. Even after I moved, more pediatric cancer cases continued popping up. When I was in fifth grade my first grade buddy had lymphoma. When I got to high school three teenagers were diagnosed with pediatric cancers. My high school had events to raise money for each child which was absolutely amazing but cancer just wouldn't quit. The pediatric cancer case that really got me thinking occurred when I was a senior in high school.

No child should have to put their childhood on hold. No child should not have the chance to grow up. That is why I am involved in THON. I want to help rid this world of pediatric cancer and to give those that are affected by it hope that one day we will be able to find a cure for the kids. Children are our future. We cannot lose hope of a better place for children to live. A place that allows children to thrive. A place that allows children to feel happy and loved. THON in my opinion takes us one step closer to that. 

After participating in THON for the last two years, I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like it in my lifetime. I have never been so physically exhausted but yet so motivated to keep on dancing. THON is an event that makes any stress that the committee position or school work might have caused totally worth it. You truly are apart of something bigger than yourself. These families are going through the scariest times and all you want to do is bring that innocence back to their lives. Every children deserves to live out his or her childhood. So I THON because if I can lessen the pain and heartbreak for even a second. Everything will all be worth it.

Throughout the year, I will be fundraising for BLACK CAUCUS to benefit THON in an effort to provide outstanding financial and emotional support and spread THON’s mission world-wide. It is my hope that one day, every child will have the opportunity to live out their dreams. 

Since 1977, THON has raised over $157 million for Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital, providing comprehensive care for 4,000 families and fund critical research to take our fight beyond central Pennsylvania and spread hope around the world. We work year-round to provide both financial and emotional support for our families, ensuring that they never have to face cancer alone. 

I truly appreciate any support you provide, either by making a donation or by sharing my page on social media to spread THON’s mission.