Growing up is a beautiful thing. Let’s fight for it.

My THON journey started the moment I stepped on to campus at the start of my freshman year.  Upon learning about THON, I was eager to get involved, so I signed up. I attended the meetings, helped fundraise, and found myself becoming always more passionate about the organization, and raising money for the kids. I was unable to attend THON weekend, but I found myself constantly tuning in to the livestream, every free second I had. 

And then I realized... THON is not an organization. It's not a philanthropy. 

THON is a family. My family. And its a family dedicated to loving the kids who experience pediatric cancer.  It is my mission to do what I can, for the kids, and this year, I hope to be a dancer at THON. To meet the real superheroes in this world. To experience the pain of 46 hours of no sleeping or sitting, which can never compare to what these kids have been through. 

I THON so that kids can be kids. So they can know the amazing feeling of running with the wind in their hair. So they can make friends and experience school. So they can have that sweet 16 birthday party. So they can discover who they want to be when they grow up. So they can experience all the simple joys of life, something every child deserves. 

I THON in memory of Maddox Hyde, and Bentley Hayden, who fought long and hard against pediatric cancer. 

I THON in memory of the eleven friends and family I have lost to cancer. 


Thank you so much for your support! Please share my page on social media and help me to reach my goal! FOR THE KIDS!  💙💛💙💛