Growing up is a beautiful thing. Let’s fight for it.

Hello, my name is Lauren Rose and I am currently a junior at The Pennsylvania State University - University Park. I will be obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology at the end of my four years here. After college,I want to become a doctor and help as many people as I can.

    I am writing this bio asking for donations on my behalf for THON 2020. THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world and it happens here at Penn State.THON is a year-long effort which raises funds and awareness for the fight against childhood cancer. The money raised, goes directly to the pediatric oncology unit at the Hershey Medical Center and pays for anything insurance doesn’t cover. No family who has a child in the oncology unit will ever see a medical bill, this is made possible with THON. 

With the support of students from all across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and supporters all around the world, we continue to make great strides towards finding a cure for all childhood cancers. Our efforts culminate with a 46 hour, no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon in February.

My roommate Isy and I have been on various committees for THON but now we would like to try and dance. This requires raising lots of money for the kids! Every year, independent dancer couples are given the opportunity to dance THON Weekend without affiliation to a certain organization. Dancers are chosen through a weighted lottery, with chances determined by the amount of money that Isy and I raise during the year.

Please consider making a donation and helping the kids. To put it into perspective, $60 equates to one hour of child life coverage, $150 equates to one day of outpatient treatment for Leukemia, and $750 equates to one experiment at Penn State Children’s Hospital in search of a cure. Please reach out to me with any questions at [email protected] and check out the THON website at www.thon.org to read more. Thank you!

This is my roommate Isy and I at THON our freshman year of college!

Posing with some of my THON Dancer Relation Committee Members last year at THON. We were trained in dancer safety and were there for them every step of the weekend!

They are my dancers from THON last year, we had so much fun the whole weekend celebrating the kids and all the money Penn State students raised.