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DMAIG: Emme Korb and Alex How (2022)

Join us on February 18, 2022


Make a difference in the life of a child.

Emme and Alex are two amazing THON volunteers! Read their story below:

Welcome to our Independent Dancer Couple page! Continue below to read our THON story and find the links to our individual pages to learn more.

For those who don’t know – we graduated in the spring of 2021, Emme with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Alex with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

THON is a student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Our mission is to provide emotional and financial support, spread awareness, and ensure funding for critical research—all in pursuit of a cure.

This is the mission of THON, and something said at the beginning of every THON meeting – regardless of involvement level. This statement was our first of many shared experiences.

We both became involved in THON our first year as students but didn’t meet until our junior year. We were both selected to be captains for THON’s OPPerations committee. OPPerations (affectionally called OPP) is the committee responsible for the set up, maintenance, and tear down of all THON events and THON Weekend. In a way, OPP is the glorified janitor of THON – we do the necessary jobs that other people might not want to do! This involves bathroom restocking, stair sweeping, floor moppings, garbage trips, and everything in between... it takes a hard worker and lover of trash (in all forms) to be on OPP! We both had typical first year positions – Alex as the Construction 2 captain and Emme as the Sustainability Outreach captain. Over the course of the year, we worked with our director and 20 fellow cocaptains to run various events and prepare for THON Weekend. Due to the nature of our responsibilities, our captain committee saw each other basically every day so we spent a lot of time together. We quickly became friends, then good friends, then close friends! THON Weekend, we even had similar schedules and shifts that allowed us to see each other more frequently (which really just meant hanging out in the captain lounge and eating ridiculous amounts of food...)! We had the “worst” two sleep shifts out of the captain committee, which meant we were awake together in the wee hours of the morning goofing off together.

Our senior year, we were second year OPP captains – Alex as the Timeline captain and Emme as the Logistics 1 captain. This year was different due to the pandemic, but we made the best of it! Meetings were virtual and any events had mandatory masks, but we still formed connections with our captain and committee members. Normally in-person events like mat cleanings and committee bonding activities had to be modified, and yet they were just as fun as the year before! Part of the excitement of THON 2021 and the buildup to it was the fact that we were charging forward on a path never travelled before and making changes that would change the future of the organization as a whole. THON Weekend, the captains were split into pairs to work shortened shifts and we were paired together. We especially were incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to be in the BJC again and do our job as OPP. Plus, Alex and I got to spend one more time goofing off in the BJC together!

(Oh yeah, and we’ve been dating for over a year now!)

We want to give back to the organization that brought us together, and are so excited to have the opportunity to continue our THON story after graduation. The Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group (DMAIG) is full of likeminded people who want to continue raising awareness for the magical organization that is THON. In fundraising to be an Independent Dancer Couple through DMAIG, we have a goal of $10,000. Please consider donating to help conquer childhood cancer so that we can one day dance in celebration!

Help save the lives of children battling cancer by supporting THONTM. Our IDC, DMAIG: Emme Korb and Alex How (2022), is taking action by uniting with 16,500 student volunteers to raise funds and awareness in the fight against childhood cancer. Since 1977, THONTM has raised over $190 million for Four Diamonds at Penn State Children's Health Hospital. Throughout our partnership, we have ensured that over 4,000 families have not seen a single medical bill. In addition, the local research that is being done is making a global impact so that one day, we will find a cure. Each February, THON's yearlong efforts and support for the families culminate in a 46-hour, no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon.
By supporting THON™, you will be joining a community committed to conquering childhood cancer.

DMAIG: Emme Korb and Alex How (2022) have been working tirelessly all year with the hopes of being selected to dance in THON Weekend 2021. Independent Dancer Couples are dedicated individuals who set up their own fundraisers throughout the year, and with the support of friend and family, obtain tickets in a lottery system in the hopes of earning a spot as dancers in the Penn State Dance Marathon.