Pre-Vet Club

Join us on February 19, 2021


Join Pre-Vet Club as we help make a difference in the life of a child

Help save the lives of children battling cancer by supporting THONTM

Penn State’s THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, with over 16,500 students united under the common goal of defeating childhood cancer. Our mission is to ensure that every child diagnosed with cancer is able to receive treatment and emotional support at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, WITHOUT ever receiving a medical bill. THON also raises funds for cancer research and helps to spread awareness; all in search for a cure. Our year-long efforts culminate in a 46-hour no-sitting, no-sleeping, dance marathon hosted in the Bryce Jordan Center every February. THON Weekend is a place for students and families to come together to celebrate life, honor those we’ve lost, share stories and memories, and ignite hope for the future. THON is inspirational, and the funds we raise give a reason to celebrate for 46 hours straight.

Pre-Vet Club benefitting THON is a General Organization, made up of about 20 Penn State students interested in the career of veterinary medicine and dedicated to supporting families faced with pediatric cancer. The Pre-Vet Club supports TWO families: the Colton Whitebread Family and the Lynn Brobst Family. We have been paired with Lynn and her family for 8 years now and she is an inspiration to us all. Colton and his family are still new to THON as we are now coming up to our third year of being paired with them.  Both Colton and Lynn are big animal lovers so they fit right on in with everyone in the club!

These two families are at the center of everything we do, so we are all one family in it together. We are there for their Highs and Lows in life and will always be there if anyone in the family needs someone to talk to. Our families inspire us through their persistence, courage, and strength, and help fuel our passion to one day in finding a cure.

Every gift donated to THON is put to great use. $500,000 is the average cost of treatment for a child with cancer. $40,000 is the average cost per day spent at the hospital. $10,000 is the average cost of cancer treatment drugs per month. These numbers are large and intimidating, but THON ensures families will never see a bill for any of these costs. Here are some of the ways your donation can help:

$25 covers one hour of music therapy 

$60 covers one hour of Child Life Coverage

$150 covers one day of outpatient Leukemia treatment

$750 covers one experiment in search of a cure. 


Every donation made to THON makes a positive impact on a child’s life and brings us one step closer to finding a cure. No parent should ever have to hear the words “your child has cancer”, and every child should have the ability to grow up and celebrate more birthdays. Our relationships with our families have given us a firsthand view of the incredible and irreplaceable impact that THON makes through both financial and emotional support. We hope that you will join Pre-Vet Club, and our community committed to conquering childhood cancer, so that ONE day we can ALL dance in CELEBRATION of a CURE!

By supporting THON, you will be joining a community committed to conquering childhood cancer.