Join us on February 19, 2021


The days are counting down…

THON weekend is right around the corner, but that doesn't mean the fundraising stops. This year has been a very mysterious one, but as a whole, we rose and unified to overcome this ambiguous time. In the end result, people adapted to keep up with these unusual times, much like Apollo had to do this year. Our in-person meetings turned into a zoom format, and many of our cherished events had to get put on the back burner, but we never gave up.  

Over $700,000 raised...

With over 10 years in THON, Apollo as a whole has raised over $700,000 to the fight against pediatric cancer. There are various events that have given us success with fundraising, like the Food Truck Fiesta. 2020 gave out many rain checks to our in-person events, so we had to move to an online format. We, instead, took a creative twist to our online donating by having Dare incentives. Various board members would do a dare (for example eat a hot pepper) if we reached a fundraising goal. Outside of the dares, we have held various game events like trivia night and gameshow. All of these events and incentives are to help support families affected by cancer. Apollo is currently paired with three THON families.

The Mummert’s

The Sanchezes

 The Yohe’s

These families have shown tremendous grace, strength, and love in their fights against childhood cancer. As an organization, we feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the chance to support these families in any way they need. Girl’s nights, birthday zoom calls, Noah-hawks, and numerous other events have brightened the weeks, months, and years of both our families and our members.

None of these events, however, hold a candle to the magic of THON weekend. After a year of fundraising, the entire THON community comes together to celebrate life and these children who fight so relentlessly. We dance, we laugh, we smile, and we cry as the entire Bryce Jordan Center avoids sitting or sleeping for 46 hours. In the end, we finally get to rest as the summation of our hard work is revealed: the fundraising total for the year.

Capturing the power of teamwork and unity allows us to achieve amazing things. Of course, our fundraising achievements above are incredibly important to us, but THON is more than a charity. THON is a celebration, with which we are able to directly observe the impact of our work on the lives of families affected by childhood cancer.

How Can You Help?

Short answer? Donate! Long answer? Donate, please! The money that you give goes directly to covering medical fees for our families and other families like them. All money left over funds cancer research to help ensure that no family will have to face the same challenge of childhood cancer.

If you have already donated, consider reaching out to your workplace about corporate matching. Most companies will double or even triple your donation, because these donations lessen their tax bills. We can even help you if you have any questions or concerns about the process!


To everyone who has supported, has considered supporting, or has been part of Apollo in the past,

Thank You and remember to Never Give Up!


What’s Next?

Other than going to Disney World? Based on our motto, Never Give Up, we are hoping for another ten years of fundraising, time with families, and good old fashioned fun! These past ten years have been an absolute blast, and our incredibly supportive alumni will only grow more numerous as years go on. THON constantly evolves, but we are and the alumni from Apollo years past are still incredibly active and supportive.