Join us on February 19, 2021


We need your help!

"Your child has cancer". Imagine for a moment that you are confronted by this statement. Four simple words, and lives are changed so deeply. THON brings together a community of students, alumni, doctors, nurses, researchers, donors, and families with a common goal: a shared dream of the day when no parent will ever hear those four words.

Dreams can become reality...

Dreams begin in childhood and inspire us to move forward. When we are young, we dream of simple things: candy, toys, or maybe a family pet. As we grow older, our lives become more complex and our dreams adapt to match. Here at Apollo, though, our dream remains simple. We dream of succeeding in the fight against childhood cancer. To accomplish this dream, we hold fundraisers like our Food Truck Fiesta, we reach out through social media for help through donations, and we engage in campaigns such as the Dream Forward campaign.

$500,000 closer to a cure

The Dream Forward Campaign is a challenge from the THON community to anyone and everyone. Between October 18th and October 30th, Penn State aims to raise $500,000 towards the fight against childhood cancer. The THON community raised $701,331.64 last year and the end of this campaign. This year, we hope to raise more than this and, with your help, we will be able to accomplish this dream.

Will my $1 make a difference?

Every dollar counts, and we really mean that. Whether we receive a fifty dollar donation from one person or one dollar donations from fifty people, those fifty dollars are going towards fighting childhood cancer. You can donate four dollars to fight those four evil words or ten dollars to honor a family member whose favorite number was ten or one dollar because that is all that you are able to give. Every cent that goes towards THON will contribute to the shared dream of the Dream Forward campaign and the fight against childhood cancer.

Together, we will DREAM FORWARD and NEVER GIVE UP!