Joey Lux and Katie Wotus

Join us on February 21, 2020


Make a difference in the life of a child.


Hi everyone! Welcome to our Donor Drive Fundraising Page! First and foremost, we want to thank you for any and every contribution you are able to make to THON on our behalf this year - it truly means the world to us!

Although this is the first year we are striving to be dancers, our THON journey truly began the summer before our senior year of high school, when we decided to take on the challenge of hosting Greensburg Salem’s 2nd Annual Mini-THON as our senior project. Over the course of the year, we planned events, created fundraisers, and eventually hosted a 12-hour dance marathon for our friends and classmates, all of which helped us raise $22,000 for kids with cancer. Despite the long days and multiple setbacks, we developed a passion for THON and working with Four Diamonds that lead us to where we are today. 


Fast forward to the last 2 years at Penn State, we have both been heavily involved in THON. At Penn State Behrend, Katie was a member of the Behrend Benefitting THON club, where she participated as a dancer in a 24-hour For a Cure dance marathon and helped raise more than $57,000 during the 2018-2019 school year. Joey has been a Dancer Relations committee member the last 2 years at University Park, actively participating in events during THON weekend and throughout the school year. Her role in her committee was to care for the dancers during THON weekend to ensure that they had physical and emotional support to carry them through the weekend. Throughout the year, she learned important strategies to provide dancers with the best support possible for their 46-hour journey through THON. 
















The two of us attended THON 17/18 and 18/19 as part of organizations or committees and both experiences were truly unforgettable. And although every THON weekend is truly magical, our goal this year is to be dancers for all 46-hours. This title is one of the biggest honors as a Penn State student and is something we have been dreaming about and striving toward since our THON journey began four years ago.

When cancer is cured, we will dance for joy. Until then, we will dance for life.

Help save the lives of children battling cancer by supporting THONTM. Our Organization, Joey Lux and Katie Wotus, is taking action by uniting with 16,500 student volunteers to raise funds and awareness in the fight against childhood cancer. Since 1977, THONTM has raised over $168 million for Four Diamonds at Penn State Children's Hospital. Throughout our partnership, we have ensured that over 4,000 families have not seen a single medical bill. In addition, the local research that is being done is making a global impact so that one day, we will find a cure. Each February, THON's yearlong efforts and support for the families culminate in a 46-hour, no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon.
By supporting THON, you will be joining a community committed to conquering childhood cancer.


Joey Lux and Katie Wotus have been working tirelessly all year with the hopes of being selected to dance in THON Weekend 2020. Independent Dancer Couples are dedicated individuals who set up their own fundraisers throughout the year, and with the support of friends and family, obtain tickets in a lottery system in the hopes of earning a spot as dancers in the Penn State Dance Marathon.